Friday, January 7, 2011

This Week's Friday Update: Opportunities to Plug In to a Greener South Boston

Check out this week's Friday Update to learn about how to advocate for trees at upcoming meetings, the South Boston MOMS cookbook, saving energy this winter and more!

The next Planet Southie Monthly Meeting is Monday, January 24 from 6:30-7:30 pm. Location: South Boston Branch Library, 646 East Broadway. Everyone is welcome at Planet Southie!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Opportunities to Help Southie Trees

Hello South Boston Green Advocates –

The City has notified us of three public hearings taking place regarding development in South Boston.  These hearings are great places to voice support for keeping any existing trees and requesting expanded green space.  If you or someone you know can make it to the hearings and would like to be a voice for our trees, please do so and forward this message along.  The details of the hearings are at the end of this message along with places to send letters or emails.

The locations of the developments are below:

·         395 W. Broadway
·         49/51 Melcher ST.
·         319 A ST.

After scouting on Google Maps/street view, this appears to be the situation:

·         395 W. Broadway has 4 street trees out front, a few more in back (these may be weed trees), and another across Silver St behind the building.
·         49/51 Melcher St looks like it has 2 small trees out front.
·         319 A St. has a few trees between it and the parking lot to the south (these look like weed trees grown next to the fence).

It goes without saying that the street trees should be preserved.  If the weed trees are grown into fences, they will likely be removed, but we can ask that they be replaced with more suitable species.  Hearing details are below.

Thank you everyone for speaking for our silent, leafy neighbors.

Mike Kissinger
Southie Trees co-coordinator

Hearing on 395 W. Broadway

Tuesday 1/4 6pm 
Lithuanian Club

368 W.Broadway

The developer wants 3 story addition-mixed use  parking for 20 vehicle under the building accessed from Silver St.

Jay Rourke
One City Hall Sq. 9th Fl.
Boston, MA 02201
(Fax 617-742-7738)

Hearing on 49/51/Melcher St.

1/10 6pm
Bargmann Hendrie:
Archetype Inc.

300 A Street
(conference room 1st Fl.
Apts. and Artists lots 
: same address as above

Fax 617-742-7783

Hearing on 319 A St.

1/19 9 am
Rm. 900 City Hall

petition and plans can be viewed at Office of Zoning Commisson
Rm. 953C
 M-F 9AM-5PM