Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Planning first Planet Southie communitiy meeting

Please chime in on the comments if you would like to promote, attend and/or help coordinate our first Planet Southie community meeting!

By the end of August (sooner than later), we will meet at the South Boston branch of the Boston Public Library (and visit the Blackthorn afterwards!). We will promote this meeting as soon as a date is jointly decided on.

We have set up some online communication tools (website, blog, Facebook, Twitter and an email account), and our next step is to meet our neighbors and put our heads together. Some ideas for discussion at the meeting (please feel free to suggest others):

  • Plans to reach out to others in our community
  • Plans to promote the South Boston Farmer's Market (Mondays at 460 West Broadway)
  • Plans to research and promote Cooling Centers (places set up by the City of Boston for people with out air conditioning to go in a heat wave, since this is the hottest summer ever). View the map Aaron made.
  • Plans to post pictures of Southie gardens to celebrate folks devoted to growing things
  • Plan an event for 10-10-10
  • Plan to support Southie community gardens*. There is only one listed and it is called Foster's Nook Community Garden at 344 Athens St . It's on our South Boston community gardens Google map
  • More (please share your ideas)
*Update: Suport these amazing South Boston Grows initiatives:

1) The George Berlandi garden in the Old Colony Housing Development is under way with 12 raised beds thanks to the help of South Boston Basketball Academy and the Crittendon Women's Union.

2) Visit the South Boston Grows community garden (and pick up some free produce!) Food will be distributed at South Boston Grows (70 Devine Way is the flagship site) on Thursdays at 1:30 pm.

More info at


    1. Hello,
      Please note that food will be distributed at South Boston Grows (70 Devine Way is the flagship site) on Thursdays at 1:30 pm. We encourage people to come at this time to meet with the youth who have been taking care of the gardens all summer. Teenagers in the neighborhood harvest the food and give it out at this time. Thanks, South Boston Grows

    2. Thanks! I've edited the post to reflect that. We want to support and partner with South Boston Grows in any way we can. Your work is amazing!


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