Monday, December 6, 2010

December 6 Tree Action Team (Southie Trees) Meeting Agenda

Below is an outline for the Tree Action Team (Southie Trees) meeting tonight. It will be held at:

Seapoint Restaurant
367 East 8th Street
Monday, December 6th, at 6:30 PM

Everyone is welcome!

The agenda is jam-packed  - there is much to discuss and many decisions to be made.  We’d like to stick to an hour if possible, but recognize we may run over that.  Please be ready for a streamlined meeting with optional time afterwards for extended discussions.

Southie Trees Dec 6 Meeting Agenda

    * Greeting and Check-in (10 mins)
          o Welcome newcomers and check in
    * Strategic Planning
          o Tree Map - What we have and what we will need  (10 mins)
          o Neighborhood Associations – How can we best partner with them?  (10 mins)
    * Materials (10 mins)
          o Documents - GBG flyers, etc.  What other docs would be helpful?
          o Tree Sources
                + Arbor Day (Bare Root, Pine Trees in a tube, etc)
                + Others?
    * Boston Tree Party Presentation (10 mins)
    * Timeline for next year (10 mins)

o   Kickoff party

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