Monday, September 1, 2014

Planet Southie Recognized for Community Organizing at 2014 Greenovate Boston Awards

Planet Southie leaders accept Greenovate Boston Award:
Brian Clarke, Jacob Bombard, Anna White, Mayor Walsh
On May 31, Mayor Marty Walsh announced Planet Southie among ten other 2014 Greenovate Boston Award winners at the Greenovate Boston Community Summit. The award recognizes the sustainability  achievements of businesses, community organizations and residents.

Since 2010, Planet Southie has provided a platform for neighbors to connect, communicate, and collaborate. Some examples:

  • We organized Climate Information Sessions led by Boston Climate Action Network.
  • Co-founded Southie Trees, which works to protect and plant trees in South Boston.
  • Co-sponsored Weatherization and Solarization workshops with Renew Boston and South Boston Pop Warner at the South Boston Public Library.
  • Partnered with Renew Boston to promote their Energy Action campaign.
  • Co-founded Neighborhoods for Climate Accountability, an alliance of Boston neighborhood groups to make climate a top priority in mayors race and beyond
  • We initiated a community conversation about alternative transportation and formed action teams to address transit, walking and cycling issues. Southie Bikes grew out of this process and has had success improving South Boston bike infrastructure.
  • Organized a "Gas Leak Safari" with Clean Water Action to raise awareness about natural gas leaks in our neighborhood (this is a city-wide problem). In addition to being dangerous safety hazards, these leaks release methane into the atmosphere, a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide. They also poisobn trees and cost consumers millions of dollars. Due in part to our advocacy effort, our State Representative, Nick Collins, supports H3765, a bill to fix the leaks.
  • We are working with the City's Greenovate Boston program to participate in the Boston Climate Plan update process. We plan to organize a Greenovate Community Meet-Up on the topic of Walkability.
  • We proudly promote the work of Mothers Out Front, who are mobilizing for a livable climate through the #PowerUpMA campaign. Our members have attended their demonstrations, events and some have become leaders in this emerging movement to build a constituency of mothers calling for a fossil-free clean energy future. 
Want to get involved? Come to our June 26 Monthly Meeting to find out how!

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