Friday, August 1, 2014

7 Ways to Have a Green Day at Southie’s Beaches

Southie's beach season is far from over! L and M Street Beaches connect Pleasure Bay with Carson Beach, creating the longest stretch of beach in Boston. The beach draws visitors from all over the city, especially during the summer months. 

Southie's beaches are a little slice of heaven. Photo by Planet Southie
To keep our beaches clean and simultaneously reduce our carbon footprints, follow these quick tips for an eco-friendly beach trip:

1.      Use a cooler cooler! One made from upcycled materials
One of the best ways to save money on any day trip is to pack your own lunch. We all know the beach gets hot, so next time you head to the beach, why not pack your vegetarian snacks and sandwiches in a cooler made from upcycled billboards? This one comes with a cutting board, five pockets, and can easily double as a grocery bag!

2.      Take public transportation or bike to the beach
South Boston’s beaches are walking distance from stops on the number 9 and 7 buses from downtown Boston. There is also a Hubway Station on William J. Day Blvd. overlooking Pleasure Bay, which makes biking to the beach a super convenient (and carbon-free) option. If you own a bike, you can outfit it with upcycled, eco-friendly gear to make a green lifestyle statement!

3.      Keep your phone charged with solar power
Why plug your phone into an outlet when you can keep it charged all day with solar power? Mayor Walsh recently announced the installment of city benches and chairs with solar outlets, but even if you’re not near one, you can use your own solar cell phone case like the Amp Solar Charger. Plus, the Amp’s zipper pouch is great for keeping sand away from your gadgets.

4.      Don’t take more than you came with
Even though it’s tempting to collect shells and rocks at the beach, these items are actually important for shoreline habitats. Leave any of these items where you found them instead of taking them home; this will preserve the quality of the beach for generations to come.

5.      Pack a book about climate change
The beach is one of the most relaxing places to read. This summer, instead of reading a cheesy novel, try something more enriching like one of these books about the effects of climate change! That way, you can leave the beach feeling informed and inspired.

6.      Keep your water bottle cool with an upcycled koozie
Koozies are a classic beach item to help keep sodas and other beverages cool even in the hottest summer temperatures. However, they’re often made from virgin plastic and rubber like neoprene. Reduce your impact by choosing one made from upcycled wetsuits instead.

7.     Pick up your trash, and then some
One of the most important ways to be “green” at the beach is to make sure to collect all of your trash and dispose of it properly when leaving. If you see other trash on the beach, even if it isn’t yours, chip in to keep this Boston treasure clean and pristine.

With these tips we hope you enjoy a guiltless, relaxing, and fun summer at the beach!

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