Sunday, March 24, 2013

Is Southie “Walkable” enough?

Author and city planner, Jeff Speck, says that Boston doesn’t need his help in planning walkable communities-(Boston is in the top 10 in the world according to Lonely Planet).

But, in Southie, are the sidewalks wide enough for the stroller? Are there enough street trees to keep you cool during the summer? Are benches ample on the main streets so you can sit for a minute if you need too/want too? Is there enough interesting pedestrian activity? Are the crosswalks blocked by cars, parking lots bleeding into the sidewalk, and are garage doors obstructing visibility?

These are some of the questions the Planet Southie Walk Action Team wants to address. Come to the next meeting (3/28) to discuss plans for a Southie “Walkabiltiy Audit” to determine how comfortably and safely our streets and neighborhoods can be walked.

For more information, listen to this RadioBoston broadcast from December “Why Walkability Is Key To A City’s Vitality”


  1. all the yuppies and their big strollers, i think the sidewalks are just fine!

  2. Thanks for your input, Anonymous. One question: Why is it that you don't realize that longtime Southie residents are majority of neighbors raising walking issues? Do you think only yuppies care about their kids, older family members and safe intersections? If you think longtime residents don't care about these issues, you must not be listening to your neighbors. At most neighborhood meetings, long-term resident stalk about "bringing families back to Southie." Why not make it a bit more family-friendly then?

    Furthermore, isn't it a good thing that newer residents are working with longterm residents to do positive things? You seem to have some underlying concern here that is unclear. Please elaborate. Thanks!

  3. I have two pups and we are relatively new to southie. We walk around Andrew square, Dorchester Heights, and Carson beach... there's a lack of green space on the sidewalk and the rotary at preble and old colony is scary almost any time of the day. Cars don't seem to care if there are pedestrians cross or not.

    Also lighting at night would be nice especially around the harbor walk. In the winter it is dark so early its hard to head over there because of the light.

    Just my opinion! I'm a fan of Southie thus far.


  4. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your comment and welcome to Southie! Good points. About the rotary: a group of Southie seniors who walk together, who call themselves "The Southie Steppers", came to one of our meetings and talked about the exact same thing! Just goes to show, old or new: we all share the same concerns!

    Please feel welcome to come to any of our meetings to get to know your awesome neighbors :)


    PS Thank you for cleaning up after your pups! :)


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