Sunday, March 24, 2013

Planet Southie Transit Team Update

No. 7 Bus:
The transportation group has been collecting signatures on the proposal to move the No. 7 bus over from Summer Street to East First Street. We want now to arrange a meeting with Dave Carney from the MBTA to discuss our request. At the 3/28 meeting, we should plan that meeting, arrange to get more signatures to bring along with us, and prepare to introduce other recommendations for change in bus service in South Boston.

Southie Shuttle:
The start for a shuttle service on the First Street corridor has been scheduled for mid-April. We will see that is still on schedule and discuss details about pick-up locations, costs, and whatever else people want.

See ya Thursday,

Fred Gordon


  1. The 7 is crowded as it is, and it's used by many people who aren't near the Red Line and looking for a quick commute to downtown. Rerouting it is a disservice to those riders, especially when all of East First is within a handful of blocks of other bus service (5, 9, 10). Just my opinion.

    1. Hi Wick! Thanks for your comment. I've asked Fred to respond because he has been directly involved in the effort. I believe that the Transit Team did some research that informed this request.

      The agenda of the Transit Team is pretty much defined by who shows up for meetings. We hope that you will consider coming to a future meeting to share your input. I will try bring it up at our meeting on Thursday.

      Thanks again!


    2. Hi--

      I hope that the plan does not take bus service away from anyone who has it to give it to others who are less in need. The change of route is just from the corner of E. First and Summer to the end of Pappas Drive and Summer. On the existing route, there are NO residences, and just one business- FEDEX. Otherwise, there is the power plant and then water on both sides. On the proposed route-- that is inbound down E. First, and then up Pappas and left on Summer-- there are several hundred people. So FEDEX definitely loses the advantage of bus service to their front door, and indeed, I've been on the bus when a FedEx worker has gotten off there. But the numbers are really very small. So this is really a question of balance of needs and numbers. If there were lots of people on that section of the existing route, I would not propose a change. I think that what I am proposing is close to everyone wins.

      Fred Gordon


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