Saturday, March 8, 2014

Southie Trash Talk: Residents brainstorm about litter campaign

Tired of windblown trash vortexes, dog poop and a general sense of ewwww?

Well then, we have just the thing for you!

Here's what happened: in the past 2 weeks (coincidental with the melting snow), Southie's social media circles have been abuzz with ordinary neighbors of all stripes who are fed up with litter.

Over at the SaveKStreet blog, it's been stated frankly: 
"Has anyone else noticed that the streets of our neighborhood are overflowing with trash? Up and down every Southie street are piles of trash."

OK. OK. So these things happen. The question is what to do about it? 

A bunch of Southie neighbors who shared their frustration via Twitter decided to be proactive -- they got together via Planet Southie's "tweet up" (affectionately dubbed #SouthieTrashTalk) and excitedly agreed to help start a resident-led clean up campaign. Here they are this morning, hash-tagging it out:
Some of the ideas that have been floating around:

Details are still in the works, but here's a sampling of ideas of how the campaign might work for a cleaner neighborhood:
  • Build website where residents can submit (and map) trash problems and plan spontaneous clean-up meet-ups with neighbors.
  • Work with the City to advocate for solutions that may include more trash cans, more frequent trash pick up, and other systems change. 
  • Create a communications campaign to change attitudes and behaviors so that more people and businesses will act responsibly.
  • Work with other Boston neighborhoods to create City-wide solutions.
Neighbors decided to have a contest to name the campaign. Go here to enter.

Do you have an idea about how to make this work? Share it in the comments below!

Maybe Twitter will save Southie after all?

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