Saturday, February 15, 2014

#WillTwitterSaveSouthie? Look what happened last week

Fed up with feeling unheard in the development process, one neighbor turned to Twitter. Look what happened!

The South Boston resident who started @SaveKStreet explains, "This was my second tweet and I sent it on my way to work. That morning I had a 3 hour meeting first thing in the morning. When I got out and checked my phone I could not believe what I saw. Twitter (relatively speaking) blew up. I had retweets, favorites, mentions and followers." 

@PlanetSouthie and several others retweeted. 

Just 8 hours after @SaveKStreet's first tweet: Success! 

Awwww shucks

Since we're on a roll, we will continue to engage our community via Twitter:

While social media is no substitute for real-life community engagement (join your Neighborhood Association!), this is a new angle on what feels like an otherwise impenetrable process.

We realize the above is a grand simplification of a far more complex multi-sided issue. We highly recommend that you read SaveKStreet's story about it for a much richer account and insights from different angles. Oh, and be sure to follow @SaveKStreet on Twitter!

Stay tuned!

Note: at Planet Southie's January Strategic Planning Meeting, "Balanced Development" was identified as a priority area to take action and engage new and long-time residents.

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