Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Action Alert: South Boston deserves safety for all pedestrians

Southie Walks Action Alert
Call our neighborhood officials and let them know: South Boston deserves safety for all pedestrians.
  • Neighborhood Coordinator Eric Prentis: 617-635-3485
  • City Councilor Bill Linehan: 617-635-3203
  • Representative Nick Collins: 617-722-2080
Below is a photo of E 4th St at the Stop and Shop parking lot. The same thing happens on East Broadway at the Rite Aid lot where vehicles park over the lot line onto the sidewalk and into the path of pedestrians, strollers and kids -- without any barriers. Just look at the Rite Aid on Dot Ave to see what we in South Boston deserve -- fences, landscape, walkways and well marked direction exits. 

Conflict with pedestrians and vehicles is reaching crisis. More curb cuts and garage doors are crossing side walks (that have been narrowed by variance relief from lot line set backs) everywhere in South Boston.

The BRA and the ZBA apparently have ignored the city's recommendations in the Complete Streets document from the Transportation Dept. regarding sidewalk depth in many new projects.

Without adequate safety measures and attention to sidewalk design to protect pedestrians, the developers are not being held accountable.
Businesses like Stop and Shop and Rite Aid have to make their lots safer and we need our elected officials support to insure that changes are made.
The above alert was submitted by Mary Cooney, a South Boston pedestrian advocate.

2/21 Update: A woman was in serious condition after being struck Thursday night by a car on Day Boulevard in South Boston. Details. When you call the above officials, please ask them to share and act on their ideas about how to prevent more tragic pedestrian incidents.


  1. How about the person(s) that park in their short drivway and partially blocks the sidewalk all the time. I'm talking winter, spring, summer or fall.The black SUV blocks the sidewalk. It never gets ticketed? It's at aEast 8th Street @ Hardy Street South Boston. Let's stop this person from blocking the sidewalk.

  2. Cars are parked on the sidewalk as of today. had to clime over a snow bank to get around. contacted the city and was told it takes 24 hours or more to have it inspected for a violation.

  3. If association keep approving no set backs it will get worse


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