Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Action Alert: BU Bio Lab

For over 10 years, local residents have been fighting to stop Boston University from building a BioSafety Level 4 (BSL4) laboratory in the Roxbury/South End area. According to the Stop the Bio Lab Coalition, the lab would research pathogens such as tularemia, anthrax, and the Ebola viruses -- many of which can be transmitted through the air. According to the Massachusetts Nurses Association, 

"An agent escaping containment would pose a severe threat to public health and the environment and could cause a public health crisis." 

The BSL4 (biolab) is opposed by over 150 doctors, scientists, and academics in the area; many organizations; and most importantly by the Roxbury/South End community surrounding the proposed location. The Stop the Biolab Coalition is leading the campaign to stop the building of the BSL4. The coalition is made up of residents of Roxbury and the South End, residents from all neighborhoods of Boston, and includes City Councilors, unions, and other community leaders.

The community surrounding the proposed site is already overburdened with environmental health hazards and is densely populated. See the complete list of people and organizations against the biolab.

1) Please contact Councillor Michael Flaherty to ask him to support a hearing about the  Level 4 Bio Lab as soon as possible. Call 617-635-4205 (best option) or email today.

2) Please contact Mayor Walsh to let him know you oppose the lab for health and safety reasons. Contact info.

Get involved
Want to stay up-to-date about this issue?  Join the Stop the Bio-terror Lab City Wide list serve for e-newsletters and event announcements. Email safetynetrox@yahoo.com to be added.

This Action Alert was submitted by South Boston resident Joe Kebartas. Concerns about the lab were shared at our Strategic Planning meeting last month and this post is a follow-up to that.

** 2/21 Update:  Joe heard from Flaherty's secretary.  The Bio Lab Hearing will be in the evening in the second week of March .  The date has not been determined yet.  Monday they will find out the time and day for the hearing.  Stay tuned! **

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