Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wanna talk about neighborhood issues? Help plan a Greenovate Meet-Up!

Neighborhood Meet-Ups are
popping up all over the City!
Focus of February 27 Meeting:
This Spring, Planet Southie will participate in an opportunity to bring together neighbors to discuss a question about "sustainability" in our community. 
 For example, "How should Boston address parking demands?" or "How best can we balance budgetary constraints with the need to maintain street trees in the City?" What's the question? That's up to you!

Based on feedback from the Climate Action Plan Community Leadership meeting in December, and the new Mayor's Transition Team’s Environment Public Hearing in January, the City of Boston is launching the Greenovate Ambassador program to help facilitate communication between Bostonians and the City around sustainability.

Ambassadors (including Planet Southie) will work between the City and the community to help solicit ideas, facilitate discussion, and understand objectively what the collective community wants to see in Boston. They will be the glue between the community and City Hall.

Our role
Brian, Patrick and Stefanie had a productive call with the City regarding the Greenovate process.
Brian and Patrick agreed to take the lead in supporting the process as representatives of Planet Southie.  At this point, it is still being determined whether to propose a very specific question and organize meetings around addressing that question, or supporting the city’s initiative more broadly in a support role that would include reaching out to our networks, community business contacts and potentially social networks and broad based outreach (ie business to business on Broadway, etc.)

The process (first steps)
1) Find a question that interests our community
2) Partner with Greenovate and other organizations to host a community discussion (a "meet-up")

Get involved
  • Come to the Feb 27 Planet Southie meeting to help choose a question, brainstorm about partners, and keep the ball rolling.
  • Contact Brian if you can't attend, but want to get involved.

Note: at our January 2014 Strategic Planning Meeting, local climate action was identified as a priority issue (along with several others).

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