Sunday, February 24, 2013

Announcing the South Boston Shuttle

Dennis Conway, a Planet Southie Transit Action Team member, shared the following update:

The South Boston Shuttle will be launched on Monday March 4th.  Service will be staged in three phases:
  1. Dinner time restaurant shuttle to various South Boston restaurants (no charge to residents). Restaurants will be under contract to the shuttle service.
  2. Free Senior Shuttle from 10-4 daily to South Boston business.
  3. East-West First St., residential shuttle to South Station to start by mid-April.
Full details will be in the South Boston Today Newspaper next week!

Learn what else the transit team is up to here

Clarification: The Southie Shuttle is not organized by Planet Southie. Some of our transit team members were involved in starting it. For info, please visit or email Dennis Conway.


  1. Who is paying for these services?

  2. Amazing. Well done. I am in awe. I am sure you have many more supporters than you realize. You just need to get the word out!


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