Sunday, February 24, 2013

Neighborhood Growth

Ever wonder where the boundaries of our neighborhood associations are? Ever wish there was an consolidated map showing the proposed construction projects in the area? Same with me! Check out the amazing interactive map that our South Boston Neighborhood Association Committee (SBNAC) has generated:

(Note: SBNAC neighborhood association boundary lines are "unofficial")

It's no secret, and made very clear in this map, is that South Boston is growing.... rapidly. To ensure that the neighborhood evolves and grows in a sustainable manner your voice and your opinions are needed.
For example, the residential development along the First Street corridor (where the most dense clusters are) is growing more expeditiously than our transportation system can support.

What do you think the solution is? Is it more bus routes, better sidewalks, slowing development, more outdoor space, more bike lanes, all of the above? It doesn't matter what you think... unless you come out and share your ideas with the community.

Lets help drive all of this development in the direction that will suit the needs of Southie's future. If we leave it up to others to decide, it's very unlikely that the outcome will be in your best interests.

Get involved with SBNAC or Planet Southie or any other community group that supports the ideas you have for the future of this neighborhood.

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