Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Unsafe Bridges

Cyclists & Pedestrians: Join me TONIGHT at the 275 Albany Street's Boston Redevelopment Authority community meeting. We must let the BRA & the Developer know that safe bicycle & pedestrian access across the two bridges linking South Boston to the South End is CRITICAL. This new / large development is one of the many new large scale projects that have been made possible by the BRA's "Harrison/Albany Corridor Strategic Plan" that re-zoned the area to become more appealing to large scale developers. In that strategic plan, the BRA constantly mentions improving pedestrian & bicycling for that area, and connecting to South Boston. While some progress has happened, we have yet to see how the BRA defined "Green Corridors" make any real bicycle connection to South Boston. The two bridges are considered by Planet Southie Bikes to be the least safe roadways in our neighborhood, and yet they are among the most traveled roads because its the only way to reach the majority of the City of Boston.

Meeting is tonight, Feb 26th @ 6:30pm
1145 Washington Street, Suite #2, Boston MA

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